Furniture Upholstery Agoura Hills

Furniture Upholstery Agoura Hills

Furniture Upholstery Agoura Hills

It’s not a surprise if you’re attached to your furniture. Whether it’s an investment, a prized possession, or an heirloom, more often than not, your furniture is an expression of your taste and style. So, when it becomes worn out and tattered after years of use, it can be hard to part with it. And that’s why a lot of people choose upholstery instead of buying new furniture. It’s the best option if you want customized furniture, save money, and keep your old, precious ones. If you’re from Agoura Hills and its neighboring areas, our furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service is the only one you need.

Agoura Hills Upholstery works and collaborates with you to reimagine your home through your furniture pieces. From dining chairs and settees to window treatments and outdoor cushions, we’re more than happy to provide the best furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service you can experience. For over three decades, we’ve been the go-to upholstery service provider in California. We deliver high-quality upholstery work using materials made in the US. Our upholsterers and artisans have years of experience under their belts.

Opting to acquire upholstered furniture is a lot better than buying a new piece. When you work with us to upholster your furniture, you’re surely know the materials chosen to refurbish the piece. This is because we’ll make the selection together. You tell us the idea or style you want, and we’ll guide you to the right direction.

When you buy ready-made furniture, it’s possible that you may choose the wrong fabric or material. This means you’ll find yourself battling stains and snags almost instantaneously. If you make a mistake in the choice of the fabric pattern or color, the interior of the whole room will suffer. Our furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service ensures that you’ll get the best work possible. We’ll let your practical needs take the lead, then we’ll incorporate visual elements to make the furniture not just functional, but also easy on the eyes.

Let me give you a glimpse on how we can help you find the best materials for your upholstered furniture.

Do you have kids? Or pets? If yes to either or both, you still have great fabric options. There are plenty of materials that are specially made with children and/or pets in mind. Our fabric library houses thousands of fabrics and materials so we can definitely find fabrics to suit this situation. For kids and pets, faux suede is a good choice. Sunbrella fabric is also durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use, and is likewise an excellent choice. Distressed leather is another option you may consider as you wouldn’t have to worry about the occasional scratch or scuff.

Avoid delicate and textured fabrics if you have a busy household. If you also want to have different and accessible choices, we can customize slipcovered upholstery for you. Now, if you don’t have kids and/or pets, and want to go luxe, you can indulge yourself with plush fabrics like Belgian linen or fluffy Tibetan wool.

When choosing fabrics for your upholstery, it’s vital you take the long view. One of the most common mistakes home and business owners do is to disregard how their preferred material will look like after years of use. Our furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service will save you from committing this mistake. When you visit our showroom, we can give you free consultation on everything relevant to your furniture.

You can ask us anything you want. Ask questions like, “How will the fabric look and feel after a year? After five years?” Inquire on how frequent you need to clean the piece of furniture or wash the slipcover. In fact, even if you don’t ask all the questions, we’ll still inform you with everything you need to know. This includes the quality of the material and how you can keep and maintain it to ensure longer use.

Fabric selection is more than the material’s content and durability. It also includes choosing colors, patterns, and textures. For the most part, if you have big, curvaceous furniture, we recommend sticking to solid-colored fabric. Taking the shape and scale of the furniture into account is important. A big sofa in vibrant solid colors is versatile, so you don’t have to worry about it even if the seasons change. Alternatively, for small pieces, we recommend fabrics with bold patterns or distinct textures to liven things up.

Another consideration you need to think about is if you want fixed or removable covers. If you want a fixed cover, it means the furniture frame will be tightly covered with your chosen fabric. It can’t be removed. On the other hand, a removable or loose cover means the frame is covered with fabric that can be taken off.

Again, what’s best for your furniture will depend on your lifestyle and the theme you’re aiming for. If you have children and/or pets, the removable cover is a better choice since you can wash it regularly. The loose cover is also the way to go if you’re big on changing the theme of a room depending on the season. It’s a way to update the interior of a room without breaking the bank.

Getting our furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service means getting high-quality craftsmanship. We skillfully upholster furniture mostly by hand. We also pay attention to small yet valuable details like seams and stitches. Every step is done locally using materials manufactured in the US. The frames we use are known for their sturdiness and durability. In fact, all our materials passed specific quality control criteria. This means you would never have to worry about getting flimsy furniture like the ones made overseas.

Be our VIP. When you hire our services, you’ll only get the best service and customer support. We’ll look after your needs and make sure you’ll get to enjoy your upholstered furniture for many years. Our furniture upholstery Agoura Hills service is available for both residential and commercial buildings.

Visit our showroom at 5657 Kanan Rd or call us at(818) 706-9996. Let’s make this happen!

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