Wall Upholstery Agoura Hills

Wall Upholstery Agoura Hills

Wall Upholstery Agoura Hills

If you want to upgrade a room in your home or office without renovating the whole space, our wall upholstery Agoura Hills service is what you need. When upholstery is mentioned, most people automatically think of furniture pieces like sofas and dining chairs. While these pieces are surely the most typical items seen in an upholstery shop, residential and commercial buildings also opt for wall padding to create a unique look and feel to a room.

Wall upholstery can set apart or highlight a section of a room fluidly. It can also help you cut loose from traditional room decorations. Wallpapers and wood tones on the wall are outstanding to a point, however, if you’re aiming for something unique or different, then choosing wall upholstery Agoura Hills is your best bet. For exceptional and custom-made upholstery in Agoura Hills and its neighboring areas, we here at Agoura Upholstery can provide you with everything you need.

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, our upholstery shop has grown to be the go-to provider for anything upholstery. We excel in both customer service and product quality. All the materials we use and the procedures we execute pass the American standards for upholstery. Every little thing is made in the US – something you can check out for yourself when you visit our local showroom. Our seasoned upholsterers, design team and fabric consultant will collaborate with you to ensure we turn your dream wall upholstery design into a reality.

Wall upholstery is the smart solution for your decorating problems since it can provide a certain charm that leaves a lasting impression. It’s also an easier and more economical option than fully renovating the whole area. One of the great things about wall upholstery is the massive choices and options you have regarding fabrics, materials, and designs to guarantee that you upholstered wall fits your lifestyle and matches your personal taste. Our wall upholstery Agoura Hills service includes access to our fabric library that houses thousands of materials in different colors, textures, and patterns. I assure you, whatever material you want on your wall, we have that at our disposal.

Another great thing about wall upholstery is its convenience and minimalism. It’s tidier than painting the wall. It’s also simpler than wallpapering the entire space. And to top it all, you don’t really have any limit when it comes to design choices. In a nutshell, regardless if you want to upgrade your bedroom or set your office space apart from the rest, an upholstered wall is just the thing you’re looking for.

Yes, wall upholstery is not that common when it comes to interior design, but they clearly provide attractive options you can explore with our design team. Let me give you a glimpse of the kind of wall upholstery Agoura Hills service we provide to your clients.

Bedroom wall upholstery. The concept of wall upholstery often applies better in a bedroom mainly because it’s a feature that can make the room feel a lot cozy and comfortable. This is especially true when it’s paired with an upholstered bed. If the bed has no headboard, the wall upholstery can double as an oversized headboard. That being said, wall upholstery in a room need not be connected to the bed all the time. You can choose any part of the bedroom to put the wall upholstery that acts as an entirely separate feature.

Bedroom wall upholstery in leather looks sleek and elegant – something you can easily visualize in a bedroom of a bachelor pad. If you want to exude a more relaxing and welcoming feel, a wall upholstery in soft fabric is an excellent choice. The color of the fabric can also act as an accent for the entire room.

Media/Entertainment room wall upholstery. Arguably, the place that benefits the most out of a wall upholstery is the media or home theater room. The upholstered wall in here checks out all the marks in the positive column. The wall can give the space a cozy and relaxing ambiance that you would probably want when you chill out in the room and watch your favorite movie or TV series. It also acts as an impressive feature that ties up the overall décor of the room because most media rooms don’t have windows. And most importantly, wall upholstery can also enhance the sound system of the room. Our professional upholsterers can work in close collaboration with you if this is a unique feature you want in your custom-made wall upholstery.

Dining room wall upholstery. In many cases, a dining room can look more inviting when it’s surrounded with wall upholstery. To keep the interior design simple and relaxing, choose a color that complements the dining table and chairs or the overall color scheme of the room. You want a color that will enhance the look and feel of the room and not overpower it. Our wall upholstery Agoura Hills service includes access to our fabric consultants so you can choose the best fabric color, texture, and pattern for your wall.

Living room wall upholstery. There are different ways you can incorporate wall upholstery in your living room. It will certainly have a significant influence in the overall décor and ambiance of the room. It can instantly provide a casual and more relaxed feel. It’s just impossible to enter a living room with upholstered wall and not feel all warm and fuzzy – so if ever you only have one area in your home to have installed an upholstered wall, the living room is your best bet. Having said that, it’s important you don’t overdo the design. An accent wall or a single wall can work wonders.

Entryway wall upholstery. If you want to impress your guests or visitors – especially in your place of work – from the get go, a wall upholstery in the entryway is a smart choice. It’s also a really inviting décor and makes the welcoming as relaxed and entertaining as possible.

Our wall upholstery Agoura Hills service is made up of different procedures, steps, and choices. We can cover your wall using the best materials – high-quality fabric and unique paddings – to ensure long-lasting use.

For the latest wall upholstery designs and services, give Agoura Upholstery a call at 818-706-9996. You may also visit us at our showroom in 5657 Kanan Rd. See you there!

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