While any type of window covering can be functional, custom-made window coverings are certainly more practical and appealing to the eyes.  The right window coverings can bring out the best aesthetics in any room.   Our window coverings Agoura Hills service can provide you with whatever window-related needs you have. Whether you want something for its functionality, its visual appeal, or both, we’ve got you covered.

Agoura Hills Upholstery provides an extensive selection of window coverings for residential and commercial buildings. We employ professional window experts and fabric consultants to help you determine the best coverings for your windows. Our fabric library is one of the best in the region because we only use materials that have passed the criteria of US agencies handling such matters. Also, all the work – from design concept to actual construction to delivery – are made in the US. Rest assured, with our window coverings Agoura Hills service, you only get topnotch, high-end products.

Window coverings are necessary for practical use and visual appeal. They can also control the light and help maintain a steady temperature. Agoura Hills Upholstery has been providing this service since the 80s. And over the years, we’ve mastered the art of window coverings. For over three decades, we’ve grown to be the go-to local service provider for upholstery and window-related services.

Our window coverings Agoura Hills services include different styles and designs. Whatever concept you have in mind, we can turn into reality. Choosing the best window coverings for your home or place of business can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time to handle such a task. Let me condense the choices for you into four major types.

Curtains and Drapes. These window coverings add instant luxury and warmth to any room. Think of parting the soft curtains in the morning to let the sunshine in or pulling together the gorgeous drapes at night to create a cozy cocoon for a restful sleep. Curtains and drapes also add height and length to a room. They can transform dull spaces into elegant and cozy rooms without you spending a lot.

The best thing about curtains and drapes are the endless choices you have in terms of fabrics and materials. Our window coverings Agoura Hills service includes access to our workroom that houses an extensive collection of materials for window covers alone. You literally have thousands of materials to choose from. Fabric selection is an important task because the material you choose is the one that will make or break the visual appeal of the room. You can’t hide curtains and drapes so your choice must complement the room’s upholstery and wall colors.

Our design team will help you configure a design that will sensibly and visually match the interior or theme of the room where you’ll hang the curtains and drapes. Tell us what concept or style you have in mind, and we’ll help you fine tune it for a better and more tailored result. You can go for a conventional or modern style, urban chic or suburban comfort, minimalist or psychedelic – we’ll work on anything you want.

We also have an array of embellishments and add-ons to elevate your curtain or drape choices further. Our hardware selections include unique rings, decorative rods, stately pools, cute tassels and fun-looking cords. Our consultants provide their expertise to help you make the right choices for everything.

Blinds. Arguably the most popular type of window coverings, blinds work extremely well with both natural and artificial light. You can effortlessly open the blinds to let natural light fill the room and just as easily close them to provide privacy when needed. Blinds are also the most versatile out of all window coverings. The key to choosing the best style of blinds is to consult with the experts. Part of our window coverings Agoura Hills service is providing you with information and recommendations about the styles that will best match your home or place of business.

The right blinds must have light control. They should also coordinate with other elements of the room’s interior, like the upholstery and wall colors. For added flair, some blinds have top treatments – like drapes and valances. There are different kinds of window blinds, but three of our bestsellers are wood, aluminum and vertical.

Wood blinds, as the name suggests, are made from wood species and finishes. They usually feature gorgeous grains and unique textures to match any room. Wood can also add a touch of sophistication, especially if the material chosen is of high-quality. Aluminum blinds provide durability in various colors, finishes and slat sizes. They are also the easiest type to clean and maintain. Vertical blinds create an interesting look, especially if they are combined with horizontal ones. The combination works well in a large room as they add visual depth and layers.

Shades. This type of window covering adds distinct notes and ambiance to a room. Shades filter and diffuse the light. They cast a mood that touches the room’s décor, which generates a distinct feeling – like warmth or nostalgia. Window shades offer elegance and privacy, sophistication and temperature control, beauty and security. They can filter light for both practical and aesthetical reasons.

Our window coverings Agoura Hills service include designing shades for any window and budget. We have a selection of fabrics with vibrant colors and rich textures. We can also blend window shades with blinds, curtains or shutters to create a more appealing and functional treatment. Our team will work closely with you to create shades that will add beauty and elegance to your home.

Shutters. Agoura Hills Upholstery provides window shutters that exude old world charm and functions for modern needs. Shutters are often fitted with adjustable slats to control light, air, noise, temperature and privacy. We can create horizontal or vertical shutters for you. We can also provide a standard tilt bar or a more complicated mechanism with remote controls.

Shutters can be made from different resources like natural woods, vinyl or synthetic materials. They can be stained or painted. Window shutters made of synthetic materials are often installed in bathrooms and kitchens. On the other hand, shutters made of natural wood are perfect for the living room and bedrooms.

Regardless of what window coverings you want for your home or place of business, our window coverings Agoura Hills service can help you achieve your goals. To get more details about the different window coverings we make – and for free consultation – visit our showroom at 5657 Kanan Rd. You may call us at (818) 706-9996.

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