Home and office windows frame the outdoors. So, why not make the view perfect? With our window treatments Agoura Hills services, we can transform the look and feel of any room. If you want subtle strokes, we have the right treatment for you. If you want bold touches, we’ve got you covered, too.

Window treatments add another level of visual appeal to your home or office. They can also instantly update the interior of a room. If you’re from Agoura Hills or the neighboring areas, Agoura Hills Upholstery can provide you with the window treatments service you need.

A building is incomplete without a window. As such, window treatment is more than just a decorative or aesthetic technique. More than anything else, window treatments are functional. That’s why it’s important for you to take careful considerations when deciding which treatment works best for your home or office. Our window treatments Agoura Hills services are handled by expert craftspeople and installers. We have a team of highly-skilled designers experienced in constructing all types of window treatments. The materials we use are all US-approved, and all the work are done locally. In fact, you may visit our showroom to check out the different treatment styles and designs we create for our clients.

There are different kinds of window treatments. They are primarily divided into two categories: style and room. Our window treatments Agoura Hills service covers all types. Let me give you a brief rundown of the treatments we do. Let’s start with the style category.

Custom window treatments. Much like anything custom-made, custom window treatments significantly add a functional and visual appeal to a room’s interior. Regardless of what design you want – luxurious or simple, subtle or bold, tailored or relaxed, hard or soft, stationary or mobile – the right type of treatment will accentuate a view and complete a room.

For over 30 years now, our experienced designers have been producing custom window treatments for both residential and commercial buildings. We create custom-made treatments that are both functional and decorative to provide a room’s privacy and personality. Our design team will work and help you through the many options available, so you’ll find the custom design that will complement your home or office interior.

Contemporary window treatments. This type of window treatment is ultra-modern. Contemporary treatments are sleek, smooth and free from heavy fabrics. If you want frames that have clean lines, monochromatic pallets, and neutral tones, this style is the way to go. Our contemporary window treatments Agoura Hills service also includes panel and shade choices. Contemporary is the best style if you want to go against the norm or think outside the box. The perfect enhancements to the treatment include modern brackets, stainless steel rods, and unique metal rings.

Modern window treatments. Usually confused with the contemporary style, modern treatments are minimalist at its finest. They are free from conventional methods and techniques. Most modern window treatments use natural fibers like cotton, linen, and wool.

Traditional window treatments. As the name suggests, this style of treatment is based on tried-and-tested classic designs. Think French Country styling. Think of designs centered on conventional stripes and florals. To complete the look, we can add layered styling using window coverings made of silk and the like.

Now, we move onto the room category. Our window treatments Agoura Hills services include commercial buildings and office spaces. Listed below are the treatments for residential buildings.

Kitchen window treatments. It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. As such, it’s vital to have the right kitchen window treatments. Go for a design that creates a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Bedroom window treatments. Arguably the most important room in the house, the treatment for bedroom windows needs to provide utmost privacy while still adding visual appeal. Think of lush, billowing sheers draped on bedroom windows that can allow natural light to filter through whenever you want, and still darken the room when you need privacy.

Bathroom window treatments. Like bedroom window treatments, the ones in the bathroom must also give control of light and privacy. Typically, the window treatments Agoura Hills service we provide for bathrooms are shutters and wood blinds. Both styles are best for light and privacy control.

Dining room window treatments. Not all dining room windows are built the same. Each has its unique size, shape, and dimensions with varying light elements. It’s important you consult an expert – like one of our consultants – to guide you in choosing the best treatment that will match your dining room. Typically, the dining room is near the kitchen and the living room, so it’s important you mind design continuity when choosing a treatment.

Living room window treatments. The window treatment you choose for your living room windows must be the right one because it’s typically the room where the largest windows are displayed. The living room is also the place where your family hangs out, or where you entertain your guests. Large windows dominate the interior and visual aspect of the room, so you need to ensure you get the right treatment to accentuate the interior and frame the view outside.

Kids’ room window treatment. In this case, the only limitation is your imagination. These rooms are where you can truly nail down personality and preferences. Bright colors, whimsical prints, bold textures – you name it, our kids window treatments Agoura Hills service will make it happen. For young kids, you can go for fanciful drapes with cornice top treatment to create a fairytale illusion. For teens, you can experiment with bold fabrics and funky embellishments.

Our window treatments Agoura Hills service offers a lot more than what I’ve shared with you. To check out the full extent of our work yourself, you can visit our showroom. You may also consult with our window experts and fabric consultants so you can fine tune the ideas you already have in mind. With over three decades of experience in the business, we’ve practically made all kinds of treatment styles for every room you can imagine.

Be one of our satisfied clients. Give us a call at (818) 706-9996 so we can start designing the best window treatments for your home.

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