Outdoor Cushions Agoura Hills

Outdoor Cushions Agoura Hills

Topnotch outdoor cushions Agoura Hills services are in demand not just in the region, but everywhere in California – and for good reasons. Outdoor cushions can instantly improve the look and feel of your outdoor area. They can provide both functional and visual benefits that can further enhance the space. That being said, I know from experience there a lot of homeowners who fail to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor cushions. For one, they quickly dismiss the idea of outdoor furniture and opt for basic (often plastic-made) tables and chairs. And if they choose to buy outdoor cushions, they buy the wrong ones. Luckily for you, our outdoor cushions Agoura Hills service can help you make your outdoor area a stand out.

Just think about how relaxing your patio or yard can be with the right outdoor furniture. Think of the many get-togethers and intimate events you and your loved ones can enjoy outdoors if you have the right furniture pieces. With the correct fabric choices and custom design from our team, we can help you transform your dull-looking outdoor area into an inviting space that is so relaxing you wouldn’t want to leave.

Our outdoor cushions Agoura Hills service is more than just helping you choose the right materials for your pillows and seats. With over three decades of hands-on experience, our team of professional upholsterers, design experts, and fabric consultants will work hand-in-hand to give you functional and visually appealing cushions. You bet, you’re also part of the process so we can turn your dream outdoor area into reality.

When it comes to outdoor cushions, the materials used to make them is the most important aspect of the process. The fabric is the most obvious sign of style and quality, so you need to make smart fabric choices. Our fabric consultants can help you with this. Agoura Upholstery houses a fabric library like no other. We literally have thousands of choices for you to choose from. We’ll help you choose the fabric that is durable, resistant to soil and fading, and beautiful to look at.

When choosing materials for outdoor cushions, the first thing we want you to consider is whether or not the pillows will be exposed to the elements. Even if you have a covered area outdoors, it’s still can be subjected to different extreme weather. As such, it’s wise to pick a fabric that is waterproof – or at least, water resistant. Check out fade resistant materials that can endure damage from both the sun and rain. While modern fabrics like Outdura and Sunbrela are known for good reasons, we still urge you to try other materials that are also well-suited for custom-made outdoor cushions. Part of our outdoor cushions Agoura Hills service is to provide you with the information you need to make smart choices.

Custom-made outdoor cushions are far better than ready-made ones because the former are specially manufactured using durable materials that are completely resistant to UV light and torrential rains. The latter are typically made from lesser quality materials that may look beautiful but certainly has a limited lifespan. Let me share our best fabric options when it comes to outdoor cushions so you’ll have an idea of what you’d want for your patio or yard.

Cotton Canvas. In the past, outdoor weave materials were made with hemp, but now the modern go-to is cotton. Canvas is a plain-woven fabric; cotton canvas is durable, relatively cheap, and is utilized in different outdoor applications. It also dyes easily so you can just imagine the design options you can have with it.

Olefin fabrics. There are a variety of synthetic materials used to make durable outdoor cushions. Olefin is one of the great choices you have. It’s extremely resistant to sun, heat, moisture and mildew

Duck cloth. Like cotton canvas, duck cloth is a blank canvas you can use if you want a custom-made fabric design. The most significant difference between the two is that duck cloth has tighter and smoother weaves. If you want cotton-like cushions with a sturdier built, duck cloth is an excellent choice. It is available in various weights, depending on its usage.

Polyester fabrics. These materials are screen printed with both fade and weather resistant dyes. Most polyester fabrics used for outdoor cushions go through a water repellant guard process that is applied in the final stages of the production. This is to make sure that the cushions can withstand the elements, particularly the rain or the occasional water incidents if you have a pool. They are also durable and resistant to wrinkling, shrinking and mold.

Textiline fabrics. This material is suitable for outdoor areas because it’s woven polyester with a PVC coating. It’s also waterproof, fade- and mold-resistant, and is a flame retardant. Textilene mesh is clearly suited for outdoor furniture regarding durability and functionality. However, take note that it has a distinct polyester feel to it as well.

Acrylic fabrics. These materials are often used to create more luxurious and custom-made outdoor cushions. They are relatively more expensive as well – but again, for a good reason. Solution dyed acrylics can withstand about 2000 hours of direct sunlight even before its colors stand to fade.

Any of these fabrics and materials can be used to create outdoor cushions that can last a long time. We can use these to produce custom-made pillows just for your home. The deciding factors lay more on your personal preference and lifestyle. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to remember that more than anything else, regular maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your cushions. Our outdoor cushions Agoura Hills service includes providing you with tips on how to maintain your custom-made seats.

When done correctly – and I mean, when done by the experts – outdoor cushions can elevate your outdoor area in an instant. They can provide functionality and visual appeal that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a long, long time. Agoura Upholstery will be more than happy to create custom-made outdoor cushions to complement your patio or yard and to showcase your personality.

Let’s get started! Give us a call 818-706-9996 now!

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